COVID-19 May Affect Your Ability to Meet Child Support Obligations

The economic fallout from the COVID19 pandemic is affecting millions of Americans.  Divorced or separated parents may be especially worried about providing financial support to their children through this pandemic. If you simply can’t afford child support don’t just stop making payments, because you’ll start to accrue arrears and could be subject to contempt of court, jail time, and other enforcement actions.  You must pay until a judge changes your child support order. 

Start by asking your child’s other parent to agree to modify child support.  If you are successful, you can ask a judge to turn your agreement into a new order.  Because of COVID-19, family courts are temporarily closed except for emergency matters, like restraining orders.  However, you can still file your “stipulation” with the court by leaving it in a drop box for the court to consider and process.  

If you can’t agree, you’ll need to file a motion to modify child support with your local court. Your court might schedule a telephonic hearing and to your matter heard.   

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