Legal Documents You Need During this Uncertain Time

We are hoping for the best during these uncertain times, but we urge our family and friends to BE PREPARED with the legal documents you need to protect your loved ones. Specifically applicable to the current COVID-19 situation are the Durable Power of Attorney and Advanced Medical Directive. 

The Durable Power of Attorney (or Financial Power of Attorney) is a document that allows an individual that you name to act for you in financial matters if you are unable to make decisions yourself. The Durable Power of Attorney is usually limited to that time you cannot make decisions (temporary injury/incapacity).

The Advanced Medical Directive (also known as a Medical Power of Attorney) functions the same as the the Durable Power of Attorney, but is limited to medical decisions. 

For these documents, we can help by providing free consultations, either over the phone or by video. If we prepare these documents for you, we can have them signed and executed safely and without unnecessary risk of exposure. PLEASE CALL IF WE CAN HELP.

Also, special education students have IEPs that must be upheld—contact us if you are having any Special Education legal issues.